After over 8 years in Pleasanton, the studio is permanently closing. Sales of art supplies and furniture 8/28, 2-5pm. 

It has been a great 8 years in Pleasanton. Many students have gone on to great universities pursuing fine arts and beyond. It is the right movement to say goodbye. Friendships have been formed in the studio and will be maintained. After 12 years of teaching the executive director is pursuing full time her art and jewelry design career. Thank you to everyone who have made the journey together!

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Not everything has a practical utility, but maybe it’s experientially valuable. Learning through the arts promotes the idea that there is more than one solution to a problem, or more than one answer to a question. - Elliot Eisner, professor emeritus of education at Stanford. 

Zahra 7th grader, acrylic on canvas 2016. Inspired by her vacation to Greece. The assignment for this project was to integrate Neo Classicalism and Modernism.

Avant Garde Art Studio's student in front of her painting. Zahra 6th grader, acrylic on canvas 2015

      Welcome to Avant-Garde Art Studio, the premier creative space in the Bay Area founded in 2004, by Nalyne Lunati who has a M.F.A degree. This is an ideal place for artists who are seeking pre professional fine arts training as well as those who wishes to deepen their understanding and skills in fine arts. Although, the emphasis is on drawing and painting, the curriculum promotes interdisciplinary training in other media. Please see Art Classes for class descriptions.

     The curriculum embraces the Eight Habits of Mind, from the  "Studio Thinking" Framework by  Harvard's Project Zero (an educational research group at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University.) This is a wonderful  and rare opportunity for young artists and adults to study with a professional artist in her studio. Where the approach to teaching fine arts stays true to its lineage. In the tradition of a studio based academy, the transfer of core competencies flows from the artist's studio practice to the students. 

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Video Thumbnail: short video showing the students in action at Avant-Garde Art Studio

      Avant-Garde Art Studio's mission is to preserve and further the academic study of fine arts and art history. The goal is to elevate to the standards of education by utilizing the arts as a vehicle to enhance and reinvigorate the learning process. Equal emphasis is placed on the learning process and craftsmanship. Pedagogy is broad and derives from a college based curriculum for grades 7 to adults.  For grades 3 - 6, we have an age appropriate, yet challenging fine arts curriculum.

       Many are wondering what Avant-Garde means. It is one of the most significant  movement in art and society that led to Modernism. The Avant-Garde movement challenged the status quo with their cutting edge, experimental and innovative work. Without this movement, we would not have a "modern" society as we know it today. The Avant-Garde art movement began in France in 1850 with Courbet. Believe it or not, art historians categorize the start of Modernism from 1850's - 1970's. Impressionism is considered the beginning of Modernism. The works of the Impressionists seem cheerful and harmless today, but back in their time, painting outdoors with subjective colors and breaking from the academic ideals represented a serious threat to institutionalized government art and politics of the Third Republic.

      Avant-Garde Art Studio provides a rich visual arts, art history and Economics program for beginners to advance levels. For those who are soon college bound, the curriculum is designed to help you transition in to a 4 year college. Classes are offered year round during the week and Saturdays.

     The class size is no more than 10 students. The studio is spacious, light filled and fully equipped with the best art making materials. It is also an inspiring space for writers.  Avant Garde Art Studio methodology fosters creativity, manual dexterity, self motivation, problem solving and communication skills. 

     Studying fine arts is similar to learning a new language. One must learn the vocabulary, grammar, nuances and cultural aspects of the language in order to fully express yourself. Avant-Garde Art Studio is dedicated to helping students master the language of art. Your child will enjoy the benefits of Art educationearly on. Avant-Garde Art Studio also offer college level adult painting classes and private lessons.

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